The latest news, exclusive hits, video interviews, hottest Fashion,Relationship talk and more you can find it all on MyBoomBoxx.com. Nurtured by Abebe Lewis MyBoomBoxx.Com was born . Spurring the idea to Titi Carranza of starting a blog centrally focused on media and marketing by her, myboomboxx.com has been in the works for months and is now ready to be launched on the world. Beginning as a simple opinionated blog speaking on the trends of music media and modeling, has spun into a website where you can log on to find out any news on all upcoming Entertainment. As the idea was born Titi Carranza came up with so many ideas and different ways to cover the Entertainment Lifestyle appealing to both the male and female audience. MyBoomBoxx.Com has over 53 categories/subjects from Fashion, Music, The Hottest Trends, Videos, Rumors, Mixtapes, Dj’s, Vj’s, Relationships, Q & A’s, 18+, behind the scenes, and up close personal interviews with all the latest and up & coming members of the industry.